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[uh-nahy-ruh n] /əˈnaɪ rən/ (Show IPA), 1897–1960, British political leader: minister of health 1945–50.
a male given name.
Contemporary Examples

Worlds Collide at the Whitney Art Party Jack Bryan June 9, 2010

Historical Examples

My War Experiences in Two Continents Sarah Macnaughtan
Across the Spanish Main Harry Collingwood
Twice Bought R.M. Ballantyne
The Three Lieutenants W.H.G. Kingston
The Pillars of the House, Vol. II (of 2) Charlotte M. Yonge
Life And Adventures Of Martin Chuzzlewit Charles Dickens
A True Friend Adeline Sergeant
Life And Adventures Of Martin Chuzzlewit Charles Dickens
The White Feather P. G. Wodehouse

noun (Austral, informal, derogatory)
a stupid or unfashionable male
an aggressive and surly youth
Aneurin (əˈnaɪərɪn), known as Nye. (1897–1960), British Labour statesman, born in Wales: noted for his oratory. As minister of health (1945–51) he introduced the National Health Service (1948)


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