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completely puzzled or confused; perplexed.
to confuse or puzzle completely; perplex:
These shifting attitudes bewilder me.
Contemporary Examples

Instead of penalizing Haller he let the goal stand, to the bewildered fury of all England.
England’s Misery Harold Evans June 26, 2010

He tells the bewildered Narnians: ‘I’m so very old: hundreds and hundreds of years old.
Three Great Men Died That Day: JFK, C.S. Lewis, and Aldous Huxley John Garth November 2, 2013

The experience left Shultz bewildered: “Maybe we are crazy?”
How the Reagan White House Bungled Its Response to Iran-Contra Revelations Malcolm Byrne November 2, 2014

bewildered adolescents, many of them accompanied by equally confused guardians, spill out into the hallway.
The Border Kid Crisis Hits the Courts Caitlin Dickson September 18, 2014

While he is enjoying his life as an actor, Sturgess is bewildered by the state of the film industry.
Hollywood’s Reluctant Leading Man Lorenza Muñoz August 17, 2011

Historical Examples

She raised her head slowly as if she were dizzy and bewildered.
That Lass O’ Lowrie’s Frances Hodgson Burnett

I knew that it was I myself, and not my mode of life, that bewildered her.
The Bacillus of Beauty Harriet Stark

I am so confused and bewildered by the rush of the great city.
After Prison – What? Maud Ballington Booth

A creature of hope and joy, the first draught of sorrow had bewildered her.
The White Old Maid (From “Twice Told Tales”) Nathaniel Hawthorne

He found them, as a rule, bewildered, depressed and unresponsive.
The Marne Edith Wharton

verb (transitive)
to confuse utterly; puzzle
(archaic) to cause to become lost

1680s, past participle adjective from bewilder (q.v.).

1680s, from be- “thoroughly” + archaic wilder “lead astray, lure into the wilds,” probably a back-formation of wilderness. An earlier word with the same sense was bewhape (early 14c.). Related: Bewildered; bewildering; bewilderingly.


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