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Big house, the

big house, the


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  • Big idea

    any plan or proposal that is grandiose, impractical, and usually unsolicited: You’re always coming around here with your big ideas. purpose; intention; aim: What’s the big idea of shouting at me? Contemporary Examples England Goes Hollywood Alex Massie February 12, 2010 Can Donald Trump Save Scotland? Alex Massie February 13, 2012 Ian Morris’s Big Idea: […]

  • Big ike

    a self-important person.

  • Big iron

    big iron jargon (Or “heavy metal [Cambridge]) Large, expensive, ultra-fast computers. Used generally of number crunching supercomputers such as Crays, but can include more conventional big commercial IBMish mainframes. The term implies approval, in contrast to “dinosaur”. [Jargon File] (2000-11-09) Historical Examples The Camp Fire Girls Solve a Mystery Hildegard G. Frey Slave Narratives, Oklahoma […]

  • Jmw turner

    Frederick Jackson, 1861–1932, U.S. historian. Joseph Mallord William [mal-erd] /ˈmæl ərd/ (Show IPA), 1775–1851, English painter. Joseph Vernon (“Big Joe”) 1911–85, U.S. jazz and blues singer. Nat, 1800–31, American black slave leader: led uprising of slaves in Southampton County, Virginia, 1831. noun Jane. born 1961, Australian television actress and writer, best known for playing ‘Kath’ […]

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