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Biker chic

biker chic


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  • Biker jacket

    noun a short, close-fitting leather jacket with zips and studs, often worn by motorcyclists

  • Bikie

    noun (Austral & NZ, slang) a member of a motorcycle gang

  • Bikila

    Abebe [ah-bey-bey] /ɑˈbeɪ beɪ/ (Show IPA), 1932–73, Ethiopian track-and-field athlete. Historical Examples A Dictionary of Cebuano Visayan John U. Wolff noun Abebe (əˈbeɪbeɪ). 1932–73, Ethiopian long-distance runner: winner of the Marathon at the Olympic Games in Rome (1960) and Tokyo (1964)

  • Biking

    Informal. a bicycle. a motorbike. a motorcycle. Harness Racing. a sulky with tires like those of a bicycle. to ride a bike: I bike to work. get off one’s bike, Australian Informal. to lose control of oneself or become angry. Contemporary Examples American Wilderness Faces the Firing Squad Doug Peacock July 5, 2014 Biking With […]

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