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(initial capital letters) a narrow belt of dark-colored, calcareous soils in central Alabama and Mississippi highly adapted to agriculture, especially the growing of cotton.
the area of a city or region inhabited primarily by blacks.
Martial Arts.

a black cloth waistband conferred upon a participant in one of the martial arts, as judo or karate, to indicate a degree of expertise of the highest rank.
a person who has obtained such rank.
the rank itself.
Compare brown belt, white belt.

a person proficient in some particular skill or endeavor; expert.
(martial arts)

a black belt worn by an instructor or expert competitor in the dan grades, usually from first to fifth dan
a person entitled to wear this

the black belt, a region of the southern US extending from Georgia across central Alabama and Mississippi, in which the population contains a large number of Black people: also noted for its fertile black soil


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