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a reel, cylinder, or spool upon which yarn or thread is wound, as used in spinning, machine sewing, lacemaking, etc.

a spoollike form around which a coil of insulated wire is wound to provide an inductance.
the coil itself.

Contemporary Examples

The Only Sportscaster That Mattered: New Biography of Howard Cosell Robert Lipsyte November 19, 2011

Historical Examples

When God Laughs and Other Stories Jack London
Favorite Fairy Tales Logan Marshall
Harper’s Young People, April 26, 1881 Various
Torchy, Private Sec. Sewell Ford
Scientific American Supplement, No. 598, June 18, 1887 Various
The Mother and Her Child William S. Sadler
The Library of Work and Play: Mechanics, Indoors and Out Fred T. Hodgson
Textiles and Clothing Kate Heintz Watson
The Camp Fire Girls in After Years Margaret Vandercook

a spool or reel on which thread or yarn is wound, being unwound as required; spool; reel
narrow braid or cord used as binding or for trimming
a device consisting of a short bar and a length of string, used to control a wooden door latch

a spool on which insulated wire is wound to form the coil of a small electromagnetic device, such as a bell or buzzer
the coil of such a spool

(pl) (Brit, slang) matter that is worthless or of inferior quality; rubbish


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