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a bayou, stream, or waterway.
(of a sailing vessel) to tend to fall off from the wind.
Historical Examples

The ‘Fan Kwae’ at Canton Before Treaty Days 1825-1844 William C. Hunter
Miss Eden’s Letters Emily Eden
Narrative of the Voyages and Services of the Nemesis from 1840 to 1843 William Hutcheon Hall
Poison Island Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch (Q)
The Reminiscences of an Irish Land Agent S.M. Hussey
The Modern Scottish Minstrel, Volume V. Various
A History of the Nineteenth Century, Year by Year Edwin Emerson
A History of the Nineteenth Century, Year by Year Edwin Emerson
Voyage of the Paper Canoe Nathaniel H. Bishop
A History of the Nineteenth Century, Year by Year Edwin Emerson

In need of narcotics; suffering from deprivation: I’m bogue. I’m trying to kick (1960s+ Narcotics)
False; fake; bogus, phony (1950s+)


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