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a bomb.
something or someone having a sudden and sensational effect:
The news of his resignation was a bombshell.
Contemporary Examples

Marianne Gingrich Interview Casts Doubts on Newt’s New Image Margaret Carlson January 19, 2012
European Finance Ministers Talk Tough About Bank Bailouts. Does It Matter? Megan McArdle March 25, 2013
If The Peace Talks Were A Movie Matthew Kalman December 11, 2013
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Historical Examples

The Big Drum Arthur Pinero
The Depot Master Joseph C. Lincoln
Juggernaut George Cary Eggleston
The Long Voyage Carl Richard Jacobi
Birds and Bees, Sharp Eyes and, Other Papers John Burroughs

(esp formerly) a bomb or artillery shell
a shocking or unwelcome surprise: the news of his death was a bombshell
(informal) an attractive girl or woman (esp in the phrase blonde bombshell)

A startling, striking event; a stunning piece of news or something that makes one gape: Her entrance astride the crocodile was a bombshell (1920s+)
A sexually stimulating woman •Often in the expression ”blonde bombshell” (1940s+)

see: drop a bombshell


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  • Bomb-site

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