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to transmit (programs) from a radio or television station.
to speak, perform, sponsor, or present on a radio or television program:
The president will broadcast his message on all stations tonight.
to cast or scatter abroad over an area, as seed in sowing.
to spread widely; disseminate:
She broadcast the good news all over town.
to indicate unwittingly to another (one’s next action); telegraph:
He broadcast his punch and the other man was able to parry it.
to transmit programs or signals from a radio or television station.
to make something known widely; disseminate something.
to speak, perform, sponsor, or present all or part of a radio or television program:
The Boston Symphony Orchestra broadcasts every Saturday on our local station.
something that is broadcast.
a single radio or television program.
the broadcasting of radio or television messages, speeches, etc.
a single period of broadcasting.
a method of sowing by scattering seed.
(of programs) transmitted from a radio or television station.
of or relating to broadcasting.
cast abroad or all over an area, as seed scattered widely.
so as to reach the greatest number of people by radio or television:
The vital news was sent broadcast to inform the entire nation.
so as to be cast abroad over an area:
seed sown broadcast.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

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verb -casts, -casting, -cast, -casted
to transmit (announcements or programmes) on radio or television
(intransitive) to take part in a radio or television programme
(transitive) to make widely known throughout an area: to broadcast news
(transitive) to scatter (seed, etc) over an area, esp by hand

a transmission or programme on radio or television
(as modifier): a broadcast signal

the act of scattering seeds
(as modifier): the broadcast method of sowing

dispersed over a wide area: broadcast seeds
far and wide: seeds to be sown broadcast


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