a sauce made of melted butter, often diluted with water, sometimes thickened with flour or egg yolk, or both, and seasoned with lemon juice.

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  • Butterscotch

    a flavor produced in puddings, frostings, ice cream, etc., by combining brown sugar, vanilla extract, and butter with other ingredients. a hard, brittle taffy made with butter, brown sugar, etc. a golden brown color. having the flavor of butterscotch. Contemporary Examples An Unbeatable Brownie Cookstr.com November 4, 2010 Paris Fall Fashion Week Ends With Vuitton […]

  • Butter-someone-up

    butter someone up

  • Butter-spreader

    a small knife with a wide, flat blade, as for spreading butter on bread or rolls.

  • Butter-tart

    noun (Canadian) a kind of tart made with butter, brown sugar, and raisins

  • Butter-tree

    any of several tropical trees of the sapodilla family, having seeds that yield a butterlike oil. Historical Examples The New Paul and Virginia W. H. Mallock

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