Abraham (“Abe”) 1860–1951, U.S. novelist and journalist, born in Russia.
Contemporary Examples

Initially thrilled by the Russian Revolution, Cahan was speedily disenchanted.
Moving It Forward: The Life of Abraham Cahan Considered Wendy Smith November 4, 2013

Historical Examples

As well as his work Cahan’s life too is of unusual interest.
The Spirit of the Ghetto Hutchins Hapgood

Literature, however, was at that time to 233 Cahan only the handmaiden of education.
The Spirit of the Ghetto Hutchins Hapgood

A career in the pleasant art of fiction was open to Mr. Cahan.
The Critical Game John Albert Macy

In 1896 Cahan resigned his editorship, and retired disgusted from the work.
The Spirit of the Ghetto Hutchins Hapgood

Cahan came to America a mature man with the life of one community already a familiar thing to him.
The Spirit of the Ghetto Hutchins Hapgood

And this is the place to say that Mr. Cahan knows how to use words.
The Critical Game John Albert Macy

Mr. Cahan knows how to think through his characters, by letting them do the thinking, as if it were their affair and not his.
The Critical Game John Albert Macy

Cahan’s work is more developed and more mature as art than that of the other men, who remain essentially sketch-writers.
The Spirit of the Ghetto Hutchins Hapgood

The virtuosity in description which in Cahan’s work sometimes takes the place of literature, is here quite subordinate.
The Spirit of the Ghetto Hutchins Hapgood

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