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Car crash

a collision between motor vehicles
(informal) something or someone that has suffered ruin or calamity
Contemporary Examples

Perhaps Hildrebrand Gurlitt, killed in a car crash in 1956, thought he could do both.
The Man Who Hoarded Art for the Nazis Christopher Dickey, Nadette De Visser November 4, 2013

“There was a father who had already buried his son who had been killed in a car crash in the cemetery,” Hammer told a radio show.
Hammer Is the Woman Behind Stand Your Ground Michael Daly March 28, 2012

Father Joel Román Salazar died in a car crash in 2013; his death was ruled an accident, but the suspicion of foul play persists.
Mexico’s Priests Are Marked for Murder Jason McGahan January 6, 2015

It was dying like James Dean—not just in a car crash but in a Facel Vega no less—that gave Camus a niche in popular culture.
Still Cool Camus Allen Barra January 1, 2010

The likelihood of a car crash begins to rise after age 60 and to rise rapidly after age 70.
Dangerous On Roads And At The Ballot Box Justin Green August 29, 2012

Diana, who would have been 51 this year, died in a car crash in a Paris underpass in August 1997.
Naomi Watts: I Hope My Princess Diana Film Won’t Upset Prince Harry or William Tom Sykes November 18, 2012

Last week a priest appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, at the scene of a car crash in Missouri last week.
The Truth About Angels in the Bible Candida Moss August 14, 2013

Curiously, he, too, would die young, in a car crash that may have been suicide, only four years after solving the mystery.
Who Actually Cracked Linear B, the Ancient Code of the Mysterious Knossos Labyrinth? Malcolm Jones May 16, 2013

Between the head circumferences and crawling contests, Oogababy has all the necessary elements for a “modern parenting” car crash.
Introducing the Internet’s New Bundle of Joy: The Baby Selfie Charlotte Lytton February 24, 2014

The actress is set to appear Monday on charges of lying to the police about a June 2012 car crash.
Lindsay Lohan Due in Court for Allegedly Lying to Cops Over Car Crash Anna Klassen March 17, 2013


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