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the amount charged for a ride on a subway, streetcar, bus, etc.
Historical Examples

We sent ’em to Mrs. Trotter and she did the rest; except for three or four who came back to strike us for carfare.
The Gentle Grafter O. Henry

Instead of keeping the sixteen dollars for your carfare and incidentals and such?
Selina George Madden Martin

She lives near her work so does not have daily carfare, and she goes home at the noon hour for a little rest and for lunch.
Clothing and Health Helen Kinne

She explained to me that she would give me carfare but was not allowed to do so.
Broke Edwin A. Brown

He had in his pocket but five cents with which to pay his carfare home, so he sent the message collect.
Martin Eden Jack London

“My last ten cents I am spending it for carfare,” she cried.
The Competitive Nephew Montague Glass

She doesn’t know the value of money, either; what’d seem big to her would be carfare for you.
Red-Robin Jane Abbott

But the most discouraging of all was the telling of the cost of carfare to the Adirondacks.
Girl Scouts at Dandelion Camp Lillian Elizabeth Roy

Her expenses will also include a telephone, carfare, printed cards, and so on.
The Canadian Girl at Work Marjory MacMurchy

So I asked if he would lend me carfare, which he did with a strange look.
Bab: A Sub-Deb Mary Roberts Rinehart

(US & Canadian) the fare that a passenger is charged for a ride on a bus, etc


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