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a female given name: from an Italian word meaning “dear one.”.
Contemporary Examples

This caused a huge amount of conflict, enough that I stopped writing because it made Cara uncomfortable.
Without Her Twin: Christa Parravani’s Debut Memoir Anthony Swofford March 6, 2013

In her latest stint Ora replaced her BFF and self-proclaimed wifey, Cara Delevingne, as the face of as the face of DKNY.
Chinese First Lady Nabs A Spot on Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed List; Rita Ora Replaces BFF Cara Delevingne as Face of DKNY The Fashion Beast Team July 30, 2013

No one wanted to touch it, and this understandably upset Cara.
Without Her Twin: Christa Parravani’s Debut Memoir Anthony Swofford March 6, 2013

Cara: Tousled, shoulder-length, just-got-out-of-bed blonde mop.
Cressida Bonas vs. Cara Delevingne: A Differentiation Guide to Two Celebrity English Roses Tom Sykes June 25, 2013

With BFF Cara Delevingne on her side, the celebrity smiled all night with her “Smurf lips,” as The Cut described them.
Is JW Anderson Joining LVMH?; Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her New iPhone 5S in a Selfie The Fashion Beast Team September 10, 2013

Historical Examples

One window, which he knew was Cara’s, still showed a parallelogram of light behind its drawn shade.
The Lighted Match Charles Neville Buck

Believe me, Mr. Cara, there is no one for whom I have a higher respect.
The Paliser case Edgar Saltus

Cara was drenched to the knees but she displayed a studied cheerfulness.
The Secret of the Sundial Mildred A. Wirt, AKA Ann Wirt

And you’re Miss Cara Nome, the secretary, who shouldn’t be back here.
Rebels of the Red Planet Charles Louis Fontenay

“Cara and Louie are always kind to you about your little pleasures, Olive,” she said.
The Man with the Pan Pipes Mrs. (Mary Louisa) Molesworth


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