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a seaport in Dyfed, in S Wales.
Historical Examples

These were put under the justice of west Wales, whose chancery and exchequer were established at Carmarthen.
The History of England T.F. Tout

Every tenant and every labourer about the place was there; as also were many of the people from Carmarthen.
Cousin Henry Anthony Trollope

Ten days later another victim was sacrificed at Carmarthen, whose fate was peculiarly unprovoked and cruel.
The Reign of Mary Tudor W. Llewelyn Williams.

Some of the people at Carmarthen were taking a great deal of trouble about the matter.
Cousin Henry Anthony Trollope

Mr. Williams was to marry his daughter Mary to a smart young fellow from Carmarthen, and he was in great distress over it.
The Great Return Arthur Machen

It will be understood that all this was much talked of in Carmarthen.
Cousin Henry Anthony Trollope

Doubtless the springs which arise in Carmarthen mountains may be said to constitute its source.
A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson Watkin Tench

Mr Apjohn took her to Carmarthen, and hence on to Llanfeare.
Cousin Henry Anthony Trollope

“We are poor folk ourselves, and have nothing to give,” said Carmarthen jack, rather gruffly.
The Comical Adventures of Twm Shon Catty T. J. Llewelyn Prichard

He even settled in Paris with his first wife, the Marchioness of Carmarthen.
My Recollections of Lord Byron Teresa Guiccioli

a market town in S Wales, the administrative centre of Carmarthenshire: Norman castle. Pop: 14 648 (2001)


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