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Carnegie mellon university

carnegie mellon university
body, education
(CMU) A university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. School of Computer Science (http://cs.cmu.edu/Web/FrontDoor.html).
Contemporary Examples

Crises can also push us toward good policy, explained Baruch Fischhoff, who studies decision making at carnegie mellon university.
The Batman Shooting: The Trouble With Acting Too Fast Jesse Singal July 21, 2012

I’m an Associate Professor of Engineering & Public Policy and Mechanical Engineering at carnegie mellon university.
Electric Vehicles May Be the Green Car of the Future, But Hybrids Are the Green Car of the Present Megan McArdle January 23, 2013

By 2011, the site was bringing in $1.2 million a month in revenue, according to a researcher at carnegie mellon university.
Alleged Silk Road Kingpin Pleads Not Guilty, Says Hi to His Mom Brian Ries, Abby Haglage February 6, 2014

Dan Wickett (who is now the head of Dzanc Books) put in a good word with carnegie mellon university Press, and they picked it up.
Benjamin Percy: How I Write Noah Charney June 4, 2013


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