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a red or reddish variety of chalcedony, used in jewelry.
Historical Examples

He held out to Val a chain of gold mesh ending in a carnelian carved into a seal.
Ralestone Luck Andre Norton

It is of alabaster, inlaid with agate, carnelian, and jasper.
Bell’s Cathedrals: The Cathedral Church of Exeter Percy Addleshaw

Round the bones of the arm were carnelian beads of short barrel shape.
El Kab J.E. Quibell

Our favorite resorts, and it is so with all tourists, were Emerald and carnelian Bays.
With the World’s Great Travellers, Volume 2 Various

They always have watch charms of carnelian, like dried flesh that they have cut out of their neighbors’ backs.
Plays: Comrades; Facing Death; Pariah; Easter August Strindberg

carnelian Bay and its attractions are fully described in its own chapter.
The Lake of the Sky George Wharton James

The cap for the pivots of the compass-cards, formed of hard siliceous stone, a chalcedony or carnelian, &c.
The Sailor’s Word-Book William Henry Smyth

Often made up of alternate layers of chalcedony, carnelian, and cacholong.
Summary Narrative of an Exploratory Expedition to the Sources of the Mississippi River, in 1820 Henry Rowe Schoolcraft

He remembered how he bought her a carnelian ring once at the county fair.
Wheat and Huckleberries Charlotte Marion (White) Vaile

The gems of onyx, carnelian and agate are later and bear various figures, and in some cases Arabic inscriptions.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 3 Various

a red or reddish-yellow translucent variety of chalcedony, used as a gemstone

“red variety of chalcedony,” variant of cornelian, altered by influence of Latin carnem “flesh” because of its color.


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