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the trade of a carpenter:
He earned his living at carpentry.
the work produced by a carpenter.
the way in which something, especially a work of literature, is structured.
Contemporary Examples

She often worked multiple jobs at a time, including tutoring, carpentry, mowing highways, waiting tables, and clerking.
From Hero to Homeless: Tara Dixon’s Story Paula Broadwell July 3, 2013

Learning a skill like carpentry is an important therapeutic element, according to Moratti.
Italian Organization Barrique Rehabilitates Wine Casks To Make Furniture And Benefit Rehabilitation Facility Sarah Begley May 19, 2013

There were young men educated in foreign tongues, but few in carpentry or in mechanical or architectural drawing.
College Must Be More Than Just a Classy Trade School Michael S. Roth August 29, 2014

Historical Examples

The carpentry work was done in July, 1886, and stood three days before being primed.
Practical Graining William E. (William Edmund) Wall

There is no trade which offers such a useful field as carpentry.
Carpentry for Boys J. S. Zerbe

In the outer buildings, the boys are trained to carpentry, tailoring, and shoemaking.
Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal, No. 427 Various

He came to this country from England in 1803, and worked at his trade of carpentry.
Hidden Treasures Harry A. Lewis

“A number of little boys living in a small town were very much interested in carpentry,” said daddy.
Daddy’s Bedtime Bird Stories Mary Graham Bonner

The carpentry instructor; A taint of Hinduism; he retains his pigtail.
India and the Indians Edward F. Elwin

The Moorish carpentry is very peculiar, and is constantly introduced in late Gothic work.
Some Account of Gothic Architecture in Spain George Edmund Street

the art or technique of working wood
the work produced by a carpenter; woodwork

late 14c., carpentrie, from Old French carpenterie, charpenterie “carpentry” (Modern French charpenterie), from Latin carpentaria (fabrica) “carriage-maker’s (workshop);” see carpenter.


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