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a simple two-wheeled oxcart.
Historical Examples

It will be noted that Mrs. Borrow signed herself “carreta,” the pet name that her husband always gave her.
The Life of George Borrow Clement K. Shorter

And, so saying, the cibolero rode up to the carreta, followed by his sister.
The White Chief Mayne Reid

And now, my carreta, I must conclude, having said all I have to say for the present.
The Life of George Borrow Clement K. Shorter

Dear carreta,—This is the third letter which I have written to you.
The Life of George Borrow Clement K. Shorter

Their mode of transport is the pack-mule, and the “carreta” drawn by mules or oxen.
The White Chief Mayne Reid

The same salutation was repeated by all the senoras and senoritas in the carreta.
What I Saw in California Edwin Bryant

I noticed that there were wheel-tracks—deep ruts—evidently made by the rude block-wheels of a carreta.
The War Trail Mayne Reid

Further on Ignacio shouted again to pass a carreta, a long wooden box on two high wheels, with the door at the back swinging open.
Nostromo: A Tale of the Seaboard Joseph Conrad

The poblana, leading the girl by the hand, came out of the house, and both mounted into the carreta.
The White Chief Mayne Reid

A strange-looking woman was seated in the bottom of the carreta—an old woman, with long flowing hair, white as flax.
The White Chief Mayne Reid


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