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a wheeled vehicle for conveying persons, as one drawn by horses and designed for comfort and elegance.
baby carriage.
British. a railway passenger coach.
a wheeled support, as for a cannon.
a movable part, as of a machine, designed for carrying something.
manner of carrying the head and body; bearing:
the carriage of a soldier.
Also called carriage piece, horse. an inclined beam, as a string, supporting the steps of a stair.
the act of transporting; conveyance:
the expenses of carriage.
the price or cost of transportation.
(in a typewriter) the moving part carrying the platen and its associated parts, usually set in motion to carry the paper across the point where the print element or type bars strike.
management; administration.
Contemporary Examples

A ban in New York will accelerate bids for carriage crackdowns elsewhere.
De Blasio Whipped by Horse Lobby Josh Robin March 7, 2014

carriage drivers, and their backers, have some choice words for offer.
De Blasio Whipped by Horse Lobby Josh Robin March 7, 2014

He made his views on the carriage controversy known in a letter to a City Council member back in 2009.
Central Park’s Carriages Saved This Horse Michael Daly April 23, 2014

Going hands-free is just one of the perks of a place where the only form of transportation is by carriage, bike, or tractor.
The Crazy Medieval Island of Sark Liza Foreman October 3, 2014

I was almost breathless at my laptop, upstairs in the bedroom of the carriage house while Eliza worked on her novel a floor below.
Daddy, How Come You’re Always Broke? Benjamin Anastas’s ‘Too Good to Be True’ Benjamin Anastas October 14, 2012

Historical Examples

The host had no horses and no carriage, nor would he have until the following morning.
St. Martin’s Summer Rafael Sabatini

Your manner reduced me to a groom who opened your carriage door.
The Spenders Harry Leon Wilson

The carriage was still at some distance, standing motionless where they had left it.
The Child of Pleasure Gabriele D’Annunzio

The two saddle-horses and a team for carriage use had been shipped ahead.
The Spenders Harry Leon Wilson

“Why, you see I can engage a carriage to take us there myself,” said Rollo.
Rollo in Naples Jacob Abbott

(Brit) a railway coach for passengers
the manner in which a person holds and moves his head and body; bearing
a four-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle for persons
the moving part of a machine that bears another part: a typewriter carriage, a lathe carriage
(ˈkærɪdʒ; ˈkærɪɪdʒ)

the act of conveying; carrying
the charge made for conveying (esp in the phrases carriage forward, when the charge is to be paid by the receiver, and carriage paid)


late 14c., “act of carrying, means of conveyance; wheeled vehicles collectively,” from Anglo-French and Old North French cariage “cart, carriage, action of transporting in a vehicle” (Old French charriage, Modern French charriage), from carier “to carry” (see carry (v.)). Meaning “individual wheeled vehicle” is c.1400; specific sense of “horse-drawn, wheeled vehicle for hauling people” first attested 1706; extended to railway cars by 1830. Meaning “way of carrying one’s body” is 1590s. Carriage-house attested from 1761.

In the Authorized Version this word is found as the rendering of many different words. In Judg. 18:21 it means valuables, wealth, or booty. In Isa. 46:1 (R.V., “the things that ye carried about”) the word means a load for a beast of burden. In 1 Sam. 17:22 and Isa. 10:28 it is the rendering of a word (“stuff” in 1 Sam. 10:22) meaning implements, equipments, baggage. The phrase in Acts 21:15, “We took up our carriages,” means properly, “We packed up our baggage,” as in the Revised Version.


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