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Carriage clock

a portable clock, usually in a rectangular case with a handle on the top, of a type originally used by travellers
Historical Examples

This handle is retained in the carriage clock of to-day—a clock which finds a prototype in the carriage clock of Marie Antoinette.
Chats on Old Clocks Arthur Hayden

He brought them with the carriage clock and my bag, but, of course, they were not mine.
The Master of the Ceremonies George Manville Fenn

It is a small, light compact contrivance driven by a kind of carriage clock.
Practical Cinematography and Its Applications Frederick Arthur Ambrose Talbot

A carriage clock in leather had been placed on the mantelpiece.
The Price of Love Arnold Bennett


a small portable clock in a rectangular case with a top handle, first used by travelers but now ornamental

Abraham Louis Breguet is said to have been the inventor of the carriage clock.
Word Origin



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