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Dora, known as Carrington. 1893–1932, British painter, engraver, and letter writer; a member of the Bloomsbury Group
Peter (Alexander Rupert), 6th Baron. born 1919, British Conservative politician: secretary of state for defence (1970–74); foreign secretary (1979–82); secretary general of NATO (1984–88)
Historical Examples

Dr. carrington met her at the dining-room door; and his face was tender and full of emotion.
By What Authority? Robert Hugh Benson

I was at the funeral of Mr. carrington, and I saw you several times.
Down South Oliver Optic

The 198 latter gave carrington the message he carried, which was merely: Taylor is looking for you.
The Ranchman Charles Alden Seltzer

carrington had told him my father was dead, and he believed he could carry his point.
Down South Oliver Optic

carrington tingled to his finger tips in the desire to be off.
Ainslee’s magazine, Volume 16, No. 3, October, 1905 Various

“You must not let the Captain beguile you,” interposed Mrs. carrington.
In Her Own Right John Reed Scott

So her heart was low and her eyes sad as she followed Mrs. carrington out of church.
By What Authority? Robert Hugh Benson

Ah, Captain carrington, will you see me as far as the front gate?
In Her Own Right John Reed Scott

She wished devoutly she had never set eyes on the insinuating Mr. carrington.
Simon J. Storer Clouston

Miss carrington looked at Macloud, quizzically, but made no comment.
In Her Own Right John Reed Scott


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