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Contemporary Examples

It features sampling of a prank call to carvel, a local ice-cream chain.
Best of Adam Yauch, a.k.a. MCA, and the Beastie Boys (Video) The Daily Beast Video May 3, 2012

Historical Examples

And that was to say good-night to the Colonel, and more frigidly to Miss carvel herself.
The Crisis, Complete Winston Churchill

I had been nearly a month at carvel Place, and Christmas was approaching.
Paul Patoff F. Marion Crawford

The words were spoken in a low tone, and Mrs. carvel said something to me just then, so that I could not hear Patoff’s answer.
Paul Patoff F. Marion Crawford

Many of these she had hung in the drawing-room at carvel Place.
Paul Patoff F. Marion Crawford

Either go to Mr. carvel without his daughter’s permission, or else fight it out as you can until your brother goes.
Paul Patoff F. Marion Crawford

The professor interested me, but I could see that we were boring carvel.
Paul Patoff F. Marion Crawford

“You should write out this history for your grandchildren, Mr. carvel,” he added, as he bade his Swiss light us to our room.
Richard Carvel, Complete Winston Churchill

“I would not consent to his marrying my daughter, though,” returned carvel.
Paul Patoff F. Marion Crawford

At sight of Mr. carvel Mr. Brinsmade started back in surprise.
The Crisis, Complete Winston Churchill

another word for caravel


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