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[hoo-lyaw] /ˈhu lyɔ/ (Show IPA), 1905–47, Mexican painter.
Contemporary Examples

Even Castellanos concedes a “tremendous opportunity” for the president.
Obama’s Team Sees Campaign Boost in Overseas Attacks on Americans Howard Kurtz September 13, 2012

Castellanos obviously realizes this; thus his argument in Florence for a conservatism that is “relevant” to the middle class.
The GOP Faces Years in the Wilderness After 2012 Election Losses Robert Shrum November 25, 2012

Castellanos, for one, says that every day the Republicans aren’t scoring points on the economy is a wasted day.
Obama’s Smart Crisis Management Howard Kurtz March 18, 2011

Castellanos acknowledged that the storm response has given Obama something of a halo, albeit one that may fade by Election Day.
Romney Stranded as Christie, Obama Team Up After Hurricane Sandy Howard Kurtz October 31, 2012

Historical Examples

From Castellanos she proceeded to Hortigosa on a visit to her uncle.
The Life of St. Teresa of Jesus Teresa of Avila

Goes to Castellanos de la Caada, to her sister’s house, where she remains till the spring of 1536, when she goes to Bezadas.
The Life of St. Teresa of Jesus Teresa of Avila

His property was said to be worth over 100,000 Castellanos, according to the value current then; he had also ten brigantines.
The Conquest of the River Plate (1535-1555) Ulrich Schmidt

General Castellanos spoke with evident yet becoming emotion on so important an occasion.
The Greater Republic Charles Morris

Her visit to Castellanos de la Caada must have taken place in the early part of 1537.
The Life of St. Teresa of Jesus Teresa of Avila

Altogether I collected eighty-five thousand Castellanos and three thousand marcos of silver.
The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 9 Various


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