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the act or fact of centralizing; fact of being centralized.
the concentration of administrative power in a central government, authority, etc.
Chiefly Sociology.

a process whereby social groups and institutions become increasingly dependent on a group or institution.
concentration of control or power in a few individuals.

Contemporary Examples

He predicts that “the concentration and centralization of power will remain at the White House” when it comes to foreign policy.
Kerry’s Impromptu Meeting With Abbas Andrea Stone March 4, 2013

All of the apparatuses of centralization need to be subject to reconsideration.
5 Ways to Fix Book Publishing Anis Shivani July 11, 2013

Grievances over the centralization of power downtown (with its latte-sipping elites, and so on) still runs strong.
How Rob Ford Could Win Reelection Ivor Tossell January 2, 2014

centralization leaves information vulnerable: to fraud, to surveillance, to sale.
The Internet Shouldn’t Own You Eric Klinker October 9, 2013

But Tocqueville in fact distinguished between two kinds of centralization: centralized administration and centralized government.
Poulos Gets Piketty—and Tocqueville—Wrong Arthur Goldhammer April 25, 2014

Historical Examples

This from Massachusetts, later to be the home of abolition and of centralization!
The Way to the West Emerson Hough

We may express that method in the one word “centralization.”
History of the Moravian Church J. E. Hutton

And yet, even the rise of the bankers is not the only or the surest indication that centralization is culminating.
The Law of Civilization and Decay Brooks Adams

Those same twenty years mark the centralization of industry.
A Preface to Politics Walter Lippmann

centralization and uniformity in authority and purpose are distinctly evident in every school activity in Norway.
The School System of Norway David Allen Anderson


1801, especially of administrative power, originally with reference to Napoleonic France and on model of French centralisation. See centralize + -ation.


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