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[chee-poh] /ˈtʃi poʊ/

adjective, noun, Slang.
[el chee-poh] /ˌɛl ˈtʃi poʊ/
Slang. .
adjective, noun (pl) cheapos
(informal) very cheap and possibly shoddy
adjective, noun

Word Origin

patterned on el Greco, etc.

1967, from cheap (adj.) + -o.


: cheapie ripoffs of The Godfather/ Our Tenth Annual Cheapo Guide


Any cheaply made or cheaply sold item: No ticket in town is a cheapie these days/ retreads, ethnic shoes, and Woolworth cheapos/ Wood made this fairly ordinary cheapie a mere year after Glenn or Glenda ( first form 1898+, second 1950s+)

Related Terms

el cheapo


: Beware of plaid shirts, el cheapo haircuts and candidates who talk r-e-a-l slow

noun phrase

A cheap product; a piece of shoddy merchandise: They bought the El Cheapos and found they didn’t work

[1960s+; probably first applied like El Ropo, to cheap cigars, since many cigars have Spanish names; see el -o, mock-Spanish combining form]


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