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[paw-drik] /ˈpɔ drɪk/ (Show IPA), 1881–1972, Irish poet and dramatist, in the U.S. from 1914.
Saint (Saint Columba; Saint Columcille”Apostle of Caledonia”) 521–97, Irish missionary, founder of Iona.
Contemporary Examples

Colum McCann won the 2009 National Book Award for Fiction for his novel Let the Great World Spin.
How Long, How Long Did We Sing that Song? Colum McCann June 15, 2010

Historical Examples

“Peace to you, Colum,” she answered, and sank into the shadow-thridden wave.
The Washer of the Ford Fiona Macleod

Flint heard Colum impatiently, and interrupted before he was done.
Chimney-Pot Papers Charles S. Brooks

Colum rose, and was as a leaf there, a leaf that is in the wind.
The Washer of the Ford Fiona Macleod

As for you, Colum, you’re sentimental about your birdhouses.
Chimney-Pot Papers Charles S. Brooks

But at the end of the week Cathal was a holy monk again, and sang the hymns that Colum had taught him.
The Washer of the Ford Fiona Macleod

Colum was about to retort, when he was anticipated by a new speaker.
Chimney-Pot Papers Charles S. Brooks

Oran and Keir testified to this thing, and all were full of awe and wonder, and Colum praised God.
The Washer of the Ford Fiona Macleod

Den he goes to Ohio and buys a place an’ calla it after himself—Colum.
Humorous Hits and How to Hold an Audience Grenville Kleiser

On the morrow he went to Colum and told him that the Evil One would not give him peace.
The Washer of the Ford Fiona Macleod

Padraic (ˈpɑːdrɪk). 1881–1972, Irish lyric poet, resident in the US (1914–72)


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