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[kong-ker, kawng-] /ˈkɒŋ kər, ˈkɔŋ-/

noun, British Informal.
a horse chestnut.
the hollowed-out shell of a horse chestnut.
conkers, a game in which a child swings a horse chestnut on a string in an attempt to break that of another player.
(functioning as sing) (Brit) a game in which a player swings a horse chestnut (conker), threaded onto a string, against that of another player to try to break it
an informal name for horse chestnut (sense 2)

“child’s game played with horse chestnuts,” originally with snail shells, 1847, probably a variant of conquer. The goal was to break the other player’s item by hitting it with yours.

“snail shell,” also “horse chestnut,” from children’s game of conkers (q.v.).


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