[verb kuh n-suhlt; noun kon-suhlt, kuh n-suhlt] /verb kənˈsʌlt; noun ˈkɒn sʌlt, kənˈsʌlt/

verb (used with object)
to seek advice or information from; ask guidance from:
Consult your lawyer before signing the contract.
to refer to for information:
Consult your dictionary for the spelling of the word.
to have regard for (a person’s interest, convenience, etc.) in making plans.
Obsolete. to meditate, plan, or contrive.
verb (used without object)
to consider or deliberate; take counsel; confer (usually followed by with):
He consulted with his doctor.
to give professional or expert advice; serve as .
a .
Archaic. a secret meeting, especially one for seditious purposes.
when intr, often foll by with. to ask advice from (someone); confer with (someone)
(transitive) to refer to for information: to consult a map
(transitive) to have regard for (a person’s feelings, interests, etc) in making decisions or plans; consider
(intransitive) to make oneself available to give professional advice, esp at scheduled times and for a fee

1520s, from Middle French consulter (16c.), from Latin consultare “consult, take the advice of,” frequentative of consulere “to take counsel, meet and consider” (see consultation). Related: Consulted; consulting.

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