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[kuhn-tree-uh n-wes-tern] /ˈkʌn tri ənˈwɛs tərn/



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  • Country and western music

    Popular music originating in the southeastern and southwestern United States. Its lyrics depict the trials and successes of everyday life. The Grand Ole Opry, located in Nashville, Tennessee, helped to broaden its audience through radio.

  • Country blues

    noun 1. (sometimes functioning as sing) acoustic folk blues with a guitar accompaniment Compare urban blues noun a musical style in which a country singer is accompanied by acoustic guitar Usage Note music

  • Country-bred

    [kuhn-tree-bred] /ˈkʌn triˈbrɛd/ adjective 1. raised or bred in the country.

  • Country-club

    noun 1. a club, usually in a suburban district, with a clubhouse and grounds, offering various social activities and generally having facilities for tennis, golf, swimming, etc. noun 1. a club in the country, having sporting and social facilities modifier Characteristic of the wealthy: Tax cheating is a country-club crime, like insider trading [1890s+; The […]

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