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an open bowl of silver having a ladle or spoon for serving cream.


Read Also:

  • Cream-puff

    noun 1. a hollow pastry made with cream puff paste and filled with custard sauce or whipped cream. 2. Informal. noun 1. a shell of light pastry with a custard or cream filling 2. (informal) an effeminate man noun phrase

  • Cream-puff hitter

    noun phrase A weak hitter (1950s+ Baseball)

  • Cream-puff-paste

    noun 1. paste made with eggs, water or milk, butter, and flour, used in making éclairs, profiteroles, and other kinds of puffs.

  • Cream-sauce

    noun 1. a white sauce made of cream or milk, flour, and butter. noun 1. a white sauce made from cream, butter, etc

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