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[ih-las-tuh-mer] /ɪˈlæs tə mər/

noun, Chemistry.
an elastic substance occurring naturally, as natural rubber, or produced synthetically, as butyl rubber or neoprene.
any material, such as natural or synthetic rubber, that is able to resume its original shape when a deforming force is removed


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  • Elastoplast

    /ɪˈlæstəˌplɑːst/ noun 1. trademark a gauze surgical dressing backed by adhesive tape

  • Elastorrhexis

    elastorrhexis e·las·tor·rhex·is (ĭ-lās’tə-rěk’sĭs) n. Fragmentation of elastic tissue in which the normal wavy strands appear shredded and clumped.

  • Elastosis

    elastosis e·las·to·sis (ĭ-lā-stō’sĭs, ē’lā-) n.

  • Elastosis colloidalis conglomerata

    elastosis colloidalis conglomerata elastosis col·loi·da·lis con·glom·er·a·ta (kŏl’oi-dā’lĭs kŏn’glō-bā’tə) n. See colloid acne.

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