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a person who is filled with enthusiasm for some principle, pursuit, etc.; a person of ardent zeal:
a sports enthusiast.
a religious visionary or fanatic.
Contemporary Examples

Most of the writing was done by Lincoln enthusiast Jesse Weik, and the reception was mixed at best and downright hostile at worst.
The Ultimate Lincoln Reading List Jimmy So November 15, 2012

Manzi, who founded a company that makes software expediting RFTs, is an enthusiast of this empirical approach, and rightly so.
David’s Book Club: Uncontrolled Kenneth Silber May 11, 2012

Bashar has been an enthusiast for Hizballah, and an admirer of its tough anti-Israel militancy.
The Battle Within Syria: Who Will Win? Bruce Riedel June 11, 2011

That was 30 years ago, when I was something of an enthusiast.
Washington, Colorado, and Weed Michael Tomasky November 6, 2012

“Just look at the contrast when he stands on the stage next to Romney,” one Gingrich enthusiast told me.
Why Newt Gingrich Is a Stronger Presidential Candidate Than He Looks Michael Medved November 28, 2011

Historical Examples

Dr. Le Plongeon is an enthusiast in his chosen career, that of an archæologist and an explorer.
The Mayas, the Sources of Their History / Dr. Le Plongeon in Yucatan, His Account of Discoveries Stephen Salisbury, Jr.

This one was not smoking, and he had the startled eyes of the enthusiast.
The Christian Hall Caine

He is an enthusiast within limits for the genius of Sterne and the genius of Horace Walpole.
The Art of Letters Robert Lynd

You are not an enthusiast, but there is an immense force of revolt in you.
Under Western Eyes Joseph Conrad

But the enthusiast and the patriot spoke not at that hour only of himself, or that dearer self, the only being he had loved.
The Days of Bruce Vol 1 Grace Aguilar

a person filled with or motivated by enthusiasm; fanatic
(archaic) a religious visionary, esp one whose zeal for religion is extravagant or unbalanced

1560s, pejorative, “one who believes himself possessed of divine revelations or special communication from God,” from Greek enthousiastes “a person inspired,” from enthousiazein (see enthusiasm). General sense (not always entirely pejorative) is from mid-18c.


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