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arousing or satisfying sexual desire:
an erotic dance.
of, relating to, or treating of sexual love; amatory:
an erotic novel.
subject to or marked by strong sexual desire.
an erotic poem.
an erotic person.
Contemporary Examples

But she cut ties with her dad just before he died, while he was editing the Tom Cruise-Nicole Kidman erotic epic Eyes Wide Shut.
Stanley Kubrick’s Lost Daughter Nicole LaPorte August 25, 2010

On a little reflection, though, the urethra as an object of erotic attention makes some sense.
Sounding Takes Off, but Injuries (Fork in the Penis!) Are Inevitable Kent Sepkowitz August 19, 2013

She said Alexander kept their relationship a secret, but behind closed doors, the couple had an erotic sex life.
Jodi Arias: The Mormon Casey Anthony Christine Pelisek February 9, 2013

As this clip shows, NYPD Blue may be the most erotic shows about cops to ever air.
The ‘Reign’ Steamy Stairwell Shocker & TV’s 13 Dirtiest Sex Scenes (VIDEO) Kevin Fallon October 10, 2012

My character is a thoroughly unpleasant fellow who calls himself The erotic Connoisseur.
From Porn to the Multiplex Glenn Kenny May 13, 2009

Historical Examples

What a sight for a young man of fifteen like me, whom the old man admitted as the only and silent witness of these erotic scenes!
The Memoires of Casanova, Complete Jacques Casanova de Seingalt

In this connection, erotic subjects play a sad and powerful part.
The Sexual Question August Forel

In the same year Punch suggests a Bill should be promoted for “the better behaviour of the erotic and learned lord,”
Mr. Punch’s History of Modern England, Vol. I (of 4).–1841-1857 Charles L. Graves

Every action of the monk was that of an arrogant and erotic swindler.
The Minister of Evil William Le Queux

One might call Cecily a stoical amorist, an erotic philosopher.
Changing Winds St. John G. Ervine

of, concerning, or arousing sexual desire or giving sexual pleasure
marked by strong sexual desire or being especially sensitive to sexual stimulation
a person who has strong sexual desires or is especially responsive to sexual stimulation

1620s (implied in erotical), from French érotique (16c.), from Greek erotikos “caused by passionate love, referring to love,” from eros (genitive erotos) “sexual love” (see Eros).

erotic e·rot·ic (ĭ-rŏt’ĭk)

Of or concerning sexual love and desire.

Tending to arouse sexual desire.

Dominated by sexual love or desire.


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