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[flat-boht] /ˈflætˌboʊt/

a large, flat-bottomed for use in shallow water, especially on rivers.
any boat with a flat bottom, usually for transporting goods on a canal or river

1650s, from flat (adj.) + boat (n.).


Read Also:

  • Flat-bond

    noun 1. a bond that is traded without accrued interest as part of the price.

  • Flat-bottomed

    [flat-bot-uh md] /ˈflætˈbɒt əmd/ adjective 1. (of boats) having a flat bottom.

  • Flat bone

    flat bone n. A bone having a thin, flattened shape, as the scapula.

  • Flat-bottomed rail

    noun 1. (railways) a rail having a cross section like an inverted T, with the top extremity enlarged slightly to form the head Also called flanged rail

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