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George beadle

[beed-l] /ˈbid l/

George Wells, 1903–1989, U.S. biologist and educator: Nobel Prize in Medicine 1958.
(formerly, in the Church of England) a minor parish official who acted as an usher and kept order
(in Scotland) a church official attending on the minister
(Judaism) a synagogue attendant See also shammes
an official in certain British universities and other institutions
George Wells. 1903–89, US biologist, who shared the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine in 1958 for his work in genetics

Old English bydel “herald, messenger from an authority, preacher,” from beodan “to proclaim” (see bid). Sense of “warrant officer, tipstaff” was in late Old English; that of “petty parish officer,” which has given the job a bad reputation, is from 1590s. French bédeau (Old French bedel, 12c.) is a Germanic loan-word.

Beadle Bea·dle (bēd’l), George Wells. 1903-1989.

American biologist. He shared a 1958 Nobel Prize for discovering how genes transmit hereditary characteristics.


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