Alma (Reba Fiersohn; Mme. Efrem Zimbalist) 1884–1938, U.S. operatic soprano, born in Romania.
Christoph Willibald von
[kris-tawf vil-i-bahlt fuh n] /ˈkrɪs tɔf ˈvɪl ɪˌbɑlt fən/ (Show IPA), 1714–87, German operatic composer.
Louise, born 1943, U.S. poet.
Contemporary Examples

Composers from Monteverdi to Gluck, to Stravinsky, to Philip Glass, have told it in music.
Ann Wroe’s ‘Orpheus’: Why the Mythological Muse Haunts Us Ann Wroe May 30, 2012

He had a short fuse and would sometimes berate her when she spoke too much to Gluck.
Whitey Bulger’s Wily Girl Christine Pelisek June 26, 2011

Historical Examples

Gluck himself was aware that if he was to succeed in the long run, his “Iphignie” must not be left long alone.
Life Of Mozart, Vol. 2 (of 3) Otto Jahn

Then there was silence, but for the “Gluck” with which we lifted our feet from the slush.
Auld Licht Idylls J. M. Barrie

The whole of this little valley belonged to three brothers, called Schwartz, Hans, and Gluck.
Children’s Literature Charles Madison Curry

Such music thinks; so it is with Gluck; and with Mendelssohn.
Letters of Edward FitzGerald Edward FitzGerald

He stooped and plucked a lily that grew beside Gluck’s feet.
How to Tell Stories to Children Sara Cone Bryant

He spoke in so very melancholy a tone that it quite melted Gluck’s heart.
Children’s Literature Charles Madison Curry

Gluck had no scruples about grinding several grists from the same sack and drawing from his old works to help out his new ones.
Musical Memories Camille Saint-Sans

All at once it struck Gluck that it sounded louder near the furnace.
Children’s Literature Charles Madison Curry

Christoph Willibald von (ˈkrɪstɔf ˈvɪlibalt fɔn). 1714–87, German composer, esp of operas, including Orfeo ed Euridice (1762) and Alceste (1767)

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