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Arthur Joseph, 1908–90, U.S. jurist, statesman, and diplomat: associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1962–65; ambassador to the U.N. 1965–68.
Reuben Lucius (“Rube”) 1883–1970, U.S. cartoonist, whose work often depicts deviously complex and impractical inventions.
Contemporary Examples

What I think Goldberg and friends might be missing is that moderation can be as much a tactic as anything else.
Conservatism with a Purpose Justin Green January 15, 2013

Goldberg’s also written that the U.S. should not fear the Universal Periodic Review.
Israel Unilaterally Withdraws From U.N. Rights Review Ali Gharib January 28, 2013

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article listed the year of Goldberg and Ibish’s op-ed as 2001; the actual year was 2011.
Three Cheers for a Settlement Boycott Hussein Ibish March 20, 2012

A basketball player in her teen years, Goldberg became a veteran of various exercise fads in adulthood.
Breaking Polo’s Grass Ceiling Keli Goff August 19, 2014

Goldberg said her group is meticulously reviewing the law to consider a possible suit on behalf of client providers.
Governor Jan Brewer Signs Arizona’s Extreme New Abortion Law Allison Yarrow April 11, 2012

Historical Examples

Goldberg, if you would only keep out of my way, I would make the All-American.
Football Days William H. Edwards

Mrs. Goldberg immediately asked me if I was an agent from the Gerry Society.
Crimes of Charity Konrad Bercovici

All of a sudden up jumps Goldberg, yellin’ something about a spy, and I thought I was copped for fair.
The Lash Olin L. Lyman

The plague raged for some weeks, and then quietness reigned in Goldberg.
Musical Myths and Facts, Volume II (of 2) Carl Engel

“I have to,” I assured her, and after inquiring the floor where Mrs. Goldberg lived I walked up the three flights.
Crimes of Charity Konrad Bercovici


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