Albrecht von
[German ahl-brekht fuh n] /German ˈɑl brɛxt fən/ (Show IPA), 1708–77, Swiss physiologist, botanist, and writer.
Contemporary Examples

Like Haller, Bosch is divorced and attempting to decipher the complicated being that is his teenaged daughters.
Michael Connelly’s Genius Thriller Jason Pinter October 13, 2010

Instead of penalizing Haller he let the goal stand, to the bewildered fury of all England.
England’s Misery Harold Evans June 26, 2010

Haller and Bosch may not have many traits in common—except for their mutual disrespect for pencil-pushing bureaucrats.
Michael Connelly’s Genius Thriller Jason Pinter October 13, 2010

The fabulous England keeper Gordon Banks untypically gave the Germans a gift, heading the ball onto the welcoming boot of Haller.
England’s Misery Harold Evans June 26, 2010

As per usual, Haller takes the case knowing it will grant him chips he can later cash in for favors and deals.
Michael Connelly’s Genius Thriller Jason Pinter October 13, 2010

Historical Examples

Haller says927 it is related by Isidorus that the experiment of adding hops to beer was first made in Italy.
A History of Inventions, Discoveries, and Origins, Volume II (of 2) Johann Beckman

Thus Haller spoke to me of Petrarch, mentioning Rousseau with aversion.
The Memoires of Casanova, Complete Jacques Casanova de Seingalt

They do not occur in the eel, according to Haller, or in Silurus, according to Klliker.
The Origin of Vertebrates Walter Holbrook Gaskell

Haller of course had able legal talent to take care of his case.
The Journal of Negro History, Volume 5, 1920 Various

Linnæus makes it a variety only of the Epilobium angustifolium; Haller, a distinct species, and in our opinion, most justly.
The Botanical Magazine, Vol. 3 William Curtis

Albrecht von (ˈalbrɛçt fɔn). 1708–77, Swiss biologist: founder of experimental physiology

Haller Hal·ler (hä’lər), Albrecht von. 1708-1777.

Swiss physiologist whose investigations into the structure of nerves and the relationship of nerves to muscles form the basis of modern neurology. Haller also discovered the role of bile in digesting fats and developed a botanical taxonomic system.

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