Georges Eugène
[zhawrzh œ-zhen] /ʒɔrʒ œˈʒɛn/ (Show IPA), Baron, 1809–91, French administrator who improved the landscaping, street designs, and utilities systems of Paris.
Contemporary Examples

The Haussmann urban-renewal project demolished old neighborhoods.
Dreaming of Paris Philip Gefter January 27, 2010

Historical Examples

Paris—the Paris of the Empire and of Haussmann—is a house of cards.
Diary of the Besieged Resident in Paris Henry Labouchre

The report that my name has been given to the Boulevard Haussmann is confirmed.
The Memoirs of Victor Hugo Victor Hugo

The name Haussmann recalled the Second Empire, and he ransacked his memory for anecdotes.
Evelyn Innes George Moore

Paris is always Paris, and always will be, in spite of the immortal Haussmann, both for those who love it and for those who don’t.
The Martian George Du Maurier

A change of residence led Haussmann to this fortunate result.
A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and Mines Andrew Ure

The two great latter-day Paris boulevards are boulevard Haussmann and boulevard Malesherbes.
Historic Paris Jetta S. Wolff

Pcuchet stammered, Haussmann prevents me from going to sleep.
Bouvard and Pcuchet, part 2 Gustave Flaubert

What surfaces,—what gradations,—what a beauty of multiplied lines, though it is only a piece of vulgar Haussmann!
The History of David Grieve Mrs. Humphry Ward

But it is to be subjected to the plan of Haussmann, with great tree-girt avenues radiating diagonally from the Plaza Mayo.
The Amazing Argentine John Foster Fraser

Georges-Eugène, Baron. 1809–91, French town planner, noted for his major rebuilding of Paris in the reign of Napoleon III

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