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[hahy-wey] /ˈhaɪˌweɪ/

a main road, especially one between towns or cities:
the highway between Los Angeles and Seattle.
any public road or waterway.
any main or ordinary route, track, or course.
a public road that all may use
(mainly US & Canadian, law) a main road, esp one that connects towns or cities
a main route for any form of transport
a direct path or course

Old English heahweg “main road from one town to another;” see high (adj.) in sense of “main” + way. High street (Old English heahstræte) was the word before 17c. applied to highways and main roads, whether in the country or town, especially one of the Roman roads. In more recent usage, it generally is the proper name of the street of a town which is built upon a highway and was the principal street of the place.

a raised road for public use. Such roads were not found in Palestine; hence the force of the language used to describe the return of the captives and the advent of the Messiah (Isa. 11:16; 35:8; 40:3; 62:10) under the figure of the preparation of a grand thoroughfare for their march. During their possession of Palestine the Romans constructed several important highways, as they did in all countries which they ruled.


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