a native or inhabitant of modern Israel.
of or relating to modern Israel or its inhabitants.
Contemporary Examples

Clashes broke out after university staff prevented Israeli forces from entering the campus.
Israeli Forces Clash with Al-Quds University Students Orly Halpern September 8, 2013

Israeli journalists Ajrami had never met even called to offer the family their help.
Translating Two Bitter Enemies in Gaza Sarah A. Topol November 23, 2012

No Israeli casualties have been reported thus far, although one man was reportedly seriously injured when a rocket struck his car.
Numbers Don’t Tell the Mideast Story Thane Rosenbaum July 9, 2014

Exactly ten years ago I was imprisoned for my refusal to enlist in the Israeli military.
My Story As a Pacifist in Israel Jonathan Ben-Artzi August 15, 2012

It is time for the Israeli leadership to recondition their thinking process and adopt new pragmatic strategies towards Gaza.
The End Of Deterrence Nervana Mahmoud November 12, 2012

Historical Examples

Let us follow Israeli further in his account of the nature of these substances.
A History of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy Isaac Husik

When the thirty minute recess ended, the Israeli delegate arose.
The Golden Judge Nathaniel Gordon

From these we may glean some information of the school to which Israeli belongs.
A History of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy Isaac Husik

Famous amongst these was Isaac ben Suleiman Israeli (845–940).
History of the Jews, Vol. III (of 6) Heinrich Graetz

This, as we know, is the opinion of the Neo-Platonists; and Israeli comes very close to it as we saw before (p. 6).
A History of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy Isaac Husik

noun (pl) -lis, -li
a citizen or inhabitant of the state of Israel
of, relating to, or characteristic of the state of Israel or its inhabitants

1948; from Israel + Hebrew national designation suffix -i. Coined to distinguish citizens of the modern state from the ancient people who had been known in English since late 14c. as Israelites.

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