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[noh-awl] /ˈnoʊˌɔl/

noun, Informal.
a know-it-all.
(informal, derogatory) a person who pretends or appears to know a great deal


Read Also:

  • Know all the angles

    verb phrase To understand all the aspects of something; to be extremely knowledgeable: know all the angles of this business

  • Know all the answers

    verb phrase Also, know a thing or two ; know it all ; know one’s way around . Be extremely knowledgeable or experienced. These idioms may be used somewhat differently, expressing overconfidence, as in Helen always knew all the answers, or thought she did , or competence, as in Bob knows a thing or two […]

  • Know a thing or two

    verb phrase To have practical sagacity; be worldly-wise; know what’s what (1792+) see: know all the answers

  • Know beans

    see: not know beans

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