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Susette (Inshta Theumba”Bright Eyes”) 1854–1903, U.S. author, Native American activist, and lecturer.


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  • Bright-field

    of or relating to the illuminated region about the object of a microscope.

  • Bright-idea

    A clever thought or plan. For example, John had a bright idea for saving space—we would each have a terminal but share the printer. This term uses bright in the sense of “intelligent” or “quick-witted” and may be employed either straightforwardly, as in the example above, or ironically, as in Jumping in the pool with […]

  • Bright-lights

    plural noun the bright lights, places of entertainment in a city Contemporary Examples A Touch of Audrey Rachel Syme October 8, 2009 Amid Reported Rumors of Drug Binge, Friends of Lamar Odom Say He Isn’t Missing Allison Samuels August 25, 2013 Lysistrata Jones: Broadway’s Naughty New Musical Marlow Stern December 13, 2011 Stephen Merchant Talks […]

  • Brightline

    (of rules, standards, etc.) unambiguously clear: This muddies the waters of what should be a brightline rule. Physical Chemistry, brightline spectrum.

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