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Frederick (Baron Leighton of Stretton) 1830–96, English painter and sculptor.
Contemporary Examples

And Leighton Meester pens feminist essay on ‘Of Mice and Men.’
Man Arrested For Posing As Johnny Depp’s Stylist; Patrick Schwarzenegger and Gigi Hadid Front Tom Ford Eyewear Campaign The Fashion Beast Team July 15, 2014

Of course, Blair (Leighton Meester) chose Chuck (Ed Westwick) but Chuck first rejected her and then, we think, he was all into it.
‘Homeland,’ ‘Revenge,’ ‘The Good Wife,’ ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and More: Where We Left Off Jace Lacob, Maria Elena Fernandez September 9, 2012

Historical Examples

I had little heart for a reporter’s version of what had so thrilled me coming from Leighton’s own lips.
One of My Sons Anna Katharine Green

I always felt there was a lot of good in Leighton under her fluff.
Miss Pat at School Pemberton Ginther

Mrs. Leighton accompanied me to the room where lay the lifeless remains of my mother.
The Path of Duty, and Other Stories H. S. Caswell

I sent a line to Leighton not to forward my own things: I don’t fancy them.
The Longest Journey E. M. Forster

May it be blessed to many hearts for admonition and for consolation as it was to mine, dear Mr. Leighton.
The Life, Letters and Work of Frederic Leighton Mrs. Russell Barrington

Be ambitious to be unknown, Archbishop Leighton also instructs us.
Bunyan Characters – Third Series Alexander Whyte

One morning he came upon a phial in Mr. Leighton’s room whose very appearance strangely affected him.
One of My Sons Anna Katharine Green

“Mrs Leighton wants Pug; I shall give him to her,” observed his mistress.
The Maidens’ Lodge Emily Sarah Holt

Frederic, 1st Baron Leighton of Stretton. 1830–96, British painter and sculptor of classical subjects: president of the Royal Academy (1878)


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