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Alexander Robertus
[roh-bur-tuh s] /roʊˈbɜr təs/ (Show IPA), (Baron of Trumpington) 1907–97, Scottish chemist: Nobel prize 1957.
David, 1855–1939, U.S. astronomer and teacher.
a male given name.
Contemporary Examples

Todd, a newlywed herself, said she expects to be watching it on television, just like everyone else.
Kate Middleton’s Charity-Auction Dress Auctioned in London Robin Givhan March 14, 2011

Todd Kliman is the food and wine editor and restaurant critic of The Washingtonian.
The Locavore Wine Hypocrisy Todd Kliman July 7, 2010

Aurora Police Department Det. Todd Frederickson was one of the detectives tasked with interviewing the injured.
Aurora Cops Relive the Horror at James Holmes Hearing Christine Pelisek January 7, 2013

Another time Todd came by, he says White refused to open the door, brandished a knife, and told Todd to leave.
Gallery Owner Accused of Cyberstalking Members of L.A.’s Art Scene Caitlin Dickson February 12, 2014

Karl Rove and other big money men are banding together to try and stop Todd Akin types from scaring off voters.
The GOP and Violence Against Women Michelle Cottle February 11, 2013

Historical Examples

At this sale his mother and one child were bought for $500 by a man named Todd, who subsequently sold her to Dr. Shipley.
The Journal of Negro History, Volume 5, 1920 Various

There was no doubt that Miss Todd was admirably fitted to fill the post.
A harum-scarum schoolgirl Angela Brazil

Todd’s face lengthened, but he missed no word of his master’s instructions.
Kennedy Square F. Hopkinson Smith

Miss Todd was not a mistress to be trifled with, and the trap was her latest toy.
A harum-scarum schoolgirl Angela Brazil

The girls smiled, and were turning away to follow Miss Todd, when Geraldine stopped and held up a finger.
A harum-scarum schoolgirl Angela Brazil

Baron Alexander Robertus. 1907–97, Scottish chemist, noted for his research into the structure of nucleic acids: Nobel prize for chemistry 1957

masc. proper name, also a surname (late 12c.), from Middle English todde “fox,” a Northern English word of unknown origin.

Todd (tŏd), Sir Alexander Robertus. Born 1907.

British chemist. He won a 1957 Nobel Prize for his study of nucleic acids and nucleotide structures.


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