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[mad-n-ing] /ˈmæd n ɪŋ/

driving to madness or frenzy:
a maddening thirst.
infuriating or exasperating:
his maddening indifference to my pleas.
raging; furious:
a maddening wind.
[mad-n] /ˈmæd n/
verb (used with object)
to anger or infuriate:
The delays maddened her.
to make insane.
verb (used without object)
to become ; act as if ; rage.
serving to send mad
extremely annoying; exasperating
to make or become mad or angry

1743, from present participle of madden. Related: Maddeningly.

“to drive to distraction,” 1822; earlier “to be mad” (1735), from mad (adj.) + -en (1). Related: Maddened; maddening. The earlier verb was simply mad (early 14c., intransitive; late 14c., transitive), from the adjective.


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