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noun, Electricity.
the total magnetic induction crossing a surface, equal to the integral of the component of magnetic induction perpendicular to the surface over the surface: usually measured in webers or maxwells.
a measure of the strength of a magnetic field over a given area perpendicular to it, equal to the product of the area and the magnetic flux density through it φ
magnetic flux


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  • Magnetic-head

    noun, Electronics. 1. (def 33).

  • Magnetic-hysteresis

    noun, Physics. 1. hysteresis in a ferromagnetic material; the lag in the response of magnetic induction to changes of magnetic intensity.

  • Magnetic-induction

    noun, Electricity. 1. Also called magnetic flux density. a vector quantity used as a measure of a magnetic field. Symbol: B. 2. magnetization induced by proximity to a magnetic field. noun 1. another name for magnetic flux density magnetic induction

  • Magnetic ink

    noun 1. ink containing particles of a magnetic material used for printing characters for magnetic character recognition

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