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of or relating to the theory of or to .
of or relating to mechanics.
Historical Examples

Aristotle expressly states that a sufficient development of mechanistic technology would abrogate slavery.
The Transformation of Early Christianity from an Eschatological to a Socialized Movement Lyford Paterson Edwards

This explains, in some measure, the mechanistic tendencies of physiology.
Creative Evolution Henri Bergson

He took over the mechanistic principle and handled it as never a man had done before; he became the mechanizer of the world.
The New Society Walther Rathenau

As in the mechanistic hypothesis, here again it is supposed that all is given.
Creative Evolution Henri Bergson

Moreover, the mechanistic view, where all is “given,” is quite inadequate to explain the facts.
Bergson and His Philosophy J. Alexander Gunn

They had only the mechanistic world of their ships—which were vehicles, not a land.
And Then the Town Took Off Richard Wilson

Hence the schools of thought called vitalistic and mechanistic.
Science and Morals and Other Essays Bertram Coghill Alan Windle

The facts in their isolation, taken as complete in themselves, are not mechanistic.
Essays in Experimental Logic John Dewey

In fact, the reversed film of the cinematograph may be regarded as the reductio ad absurdum of the mechanistic hypothesis.
Major Prophets of To-Day Edwin E. Slosson

Perhaps it is not clear what I mean by “the mechanistic outlook.”
The Problem of China Bertrand Russell

(philosophy) of or relating to the theory of mechanism
(maths) of or relating to mechanics

mechanistic mech·a·nis·tic (měk’ə-nĭs’tĭk)

Mechanically determined.

Of or relating to the philosophy of mechanism, especially one that tends to explain phenomena only by reference to physical or biological causes.


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