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[med-i-keyt] /ˈmɛd ɪˌkeɪt/

verb (used with object), medicated, medicating.
to treat with or medicaments.
to impregnate with a :
medicated cough drops; a medicated bandage.
verb (transitive)
to cover or impregnate (a wound, etc) with an ointment, cream, etc
to treat (a patient) with a medicine
to add a medication to (a bandage, shampoo, etc)

“to treat medicinally,” 1620s, a back-formation from medication, or else from Late Latin medicatus, past participle of medicare. Related: Medicated; medicating. The earlier verb in English was simply medicin (late 14c.).

medicate med·i·cate (měd’ĭ-kāt’)
v. med·i·cat·ed, med·i·cat·ing, med·i·cates


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